I brag to nearly everyone that I was lucky enough to go to Montessori school for a whopping 11 years.

(Eventually, they all make fun of me for it).

I mention it, and it's important, because it shaped who I am—a person who is curious, imaginative, hungry for new experiences, never satisfied with the status quo, and ultimately in love with learning. 

I also accredit it for my career. (Shoutout to Mrs. Lillard!!) 

We kept journals from the moment we learned to write, which began as a compulsory task, but eventually grew to be highly personal. A place to tell stories, or secrets, or record little moments. I always loved writing. I just didn't really know it was a marketable skill. 

I take pride in the fact that I'm really, actually, sincerely multi-faceted. I am not a cliche. I am not a cliche. Keep telling yourself that, Lisa. 

I studied fine arts, am deft with Creative Suite, I draw, I love to cook, I ride my bike everywhere, I am full of useless facts and therefore preeeetty good at trivia. I went to college for painting (Mom and Dad, WHY DID YOU LET ME DO THIS?) but eventually switched majors to receive my BFA in creative writing. 

And here we are.

I take great pride in my ability as a storyteller, and that reflects strongly in my marketing, advertising, and branding work, as well as my editorials on food and drink. Turns out writing is a skill, but as with anything worthwhile, the refining never ends. 


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